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Hone in on your ABC analysis: Finding the right safety stock level for the vital few & trivial many

Introducing new features that allow you to select one or two dimensions, out of six possible ABC dimensions, and adjust your safety stock accordingly.


Thursday, May 19, 2022

13:00-13:30 (GMT+0) - Iceland
14:00-14:30 (GMT+1) - United Kingdom
15:00-15:30 (GMT+2) - Nordics & Central Europe

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Manage your ABCs!

What will you learn?

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How to select the parameters behind your ABC Analysis, incl. new and dead items.

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How to set and adjust the safety stock / service levels accordingly.

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How ABC is translated to importance levels and visualized in the item card


In detail

ABC classification systems are widely used by businesses to streamline the management of inventories consisting of large numbers of distinct items. Previously done by consultants in the background of the AGR system, the ABC management tool is now in the hands of the user. You can set, adjust and iterate service levels, for groups of items in accordance with their importance to the company's bottom line.

Furthermore, the ABC classification has been translated into importance levels ranging from high to low and is visualized in the item card, giving operational buyers better insight into each SKU’s importance.

Last but not least, the AGR system now calculates, in both Items and Reports, ABC levels on all six dimensions: revenue, sold quantity, profit, sales lines (pick), cost price, and cost of goods sold. Simply for your information on the impact of the item. The ABC classification is after all a management tool that helps us prioritize work and efforts.


Empowering the User

Discover exciting, new features in the upcoming AGR 6.3 release that will give you even better visibility and control. 

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